April 1, 2013

Pure Leverage launched today at 9AM EST along with tremendous momentum. Over the past 1 month nearly 15, 000 had watched the Pure Leverage review and determined to get involved, now it is time with this new platform to move public.

This new platform may be the brainchild of Joel Therien as well as the industry leaders over at GVO. GVO has been making waves in the internet marketing world for many years offering high worth, low cost alternatives to the competition available. Over the years their products have included hosting and web conferencing, bundled with a large choice of related tools and services. Since that time the industry has seen some significant changes and when again, the GVO team has risen to the occasion.

Pure Leverage review – Challenging The current Lineup Of IM Resources

As with all associated with Joel Therien’s product launches, Pure Leverage is taking on the competition by offering value that far exceeds your competition at a price that’s significantly less.

Let me give you a few examples…

I currently use AWeber for my autoresponder service. AWeber works in a tiered pricing policy for their service. From 1-500 subscribers the price is $19. 95 per month. From 501-2499 subscribers the particular pricing goest to $29. 95 per month. From 2500-5000 subscribers the pricing would go to $49. 95 per month and from 5001-10000 subscribers the pricing visits $69. 95 per month. An autoresponder is included within the Pure Leverage suite of IM marketing tools. The Pure Leverage autoresponder allows up to 10, 000 subscribers and is roofed with the $24. 95 monthly subscription…a cost savings of $45. 00 over a similar AWeber mailing list.

In the video e mail marketplace. Talk Fusion offers their own basic package for $125 launch and $20 per month. Iwowwe offers their video email and conferencing service for $195 start up and $25 per calendar month. Pure Leverage also offers video email as a part of their IM tool suite bundle; however, unlike the other services there’s no start up fee a good this service is included within the $24. 95 monthly subscription.

When it comes to be able to web conferencing, GoToMeeting has been the primary product available on the market. GoToMeeting offers their basic package, that allows for twenty five attendees, for $49 per month along with a package that allows for 100 attendees for $99 monthly. Pure Leverage once again challenges your competitors by offering a 100 chair web conference room as part of their IM tool collection, included with the $24. 95/monthly subscription.

Lead generation is the life blood of any web business. The time that one would spend trying to generate high converting lead capture systems, thwarts most people coming from even trying. For the last several years MLSP has been the tool of preference in the MLM niche, offering their services in the tiered pricing schedule in which runs from $19. 97 per month to $97 monthly. Included in the Pure Leverage tool suite is an array of lead capture pages that have been custom designed. Again this service is also included as part of the $24. 95/per month subscription.

Certainly from a product standpoint, Pure Leverage is providing tool suite that beats your competition on the comprehensive nature of the package and price. This tool suite presents incredible value to anyone in the internet marketing space, even if they don’t become a reseller of the item.

Pure Leverage Review – Matching The industry Shift to 100% Profits

In late 2011, Empower Network launched a revolution in your home based business industry simply by offering 100% commissions to their affiliates. Late in 2012, MLSP also shifted to a 100% commission platform once they released their Mastery program. Joel Therien and his / her leadership team recognized this shift on the market and made sure to build Pure Leverage around the 100% commission platform as well.

The Pure Leverage reviews commission structure is extremely straightforward and clear to see. To become a reseller, the affiliate pays a $19. 97/month reseller fee. This fee covers administrative costs, merchant processing and additional behind the scenes expenditures. The reseller is paid 100% on any preliminary sale and 50% on the recurring sales of their particular customers. In addition, the affiliate earns a 50% matching commission on the commissions of other reseller they have brought into the Pure Leverage system. Unlike the Empower Community compensation system where each 2, 4, 6 and every 6th thereafter sale is passed to the sponsor, affiliates of Pure Influence are paid on just about all sponsored affiliates.

I chose to turn into a customer and affiliate with GVO many years ago, because of the tremendous value provided by the company in its products and marketing instruction. This new launch is not any different. The product lineup inside the tool suite is of higher value than anything offered available. The value in itself is unmatched and could potentially save a marketer hundreds if not thousands per year. When you couple the worth with the earnings prospective of 100% commissions, Pure Leverage should be a complete “no brainer” for anybody serious about building their business online.


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